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We are all leaders...to someone...


Each of us, through our words and actions, teach others how to treat us and one another. Whether we are consciously aware of what we are teaching makes no difference, with each interaction we are teaching something. Do your words and actions teach what you would like to see taught?

The Leadership Institute (LI) was created to support individuals in becoming more conscious, whole and self-aware practitioners and leaders. We recognize that skill development is a critical component of effective practice, and at the same time we acknowledge that developing the ability to manage our inner world - the thoughts and beliefs that lead to our words and actions - can have a significant impact on the quality of our work and relationships, and the health of our communities.

What you will find at the Leadership Institute will challenge your skills, and your heart. Our offerings may shift your perspective of self, others, and the work you do...and may help you to rediscover passion in and for your life's work, whatever that may be. We welcome you, and look forward to supporting you on your journey!

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LI Vision Statement

The Leadership Institute promotes the notion that we are all leaders, to someone. Leadership is a personal journey that exists within the heart of the individual and that cultivates the ability to take personal responsibility for mindset, energy, behavior, choices and outcomes. By walking this path of self-discovery and personal mastery we become more conscious of the collective history we create and the footprints we leave behind.


What we believe...

The Leadership Institute (LI) shatters traditional notions about what interpreting, leadership in the field of interpreting, and membership in the profession of interpreting entail. Sign language interpreters do more than process messages and bridge cultures - they leave an indelible mark on the lives of consumers and peers. Leaders are more than the people responsible for managing our organizations - they are each one of us, leading by example. And members of the profession do more than pay dues - they impact the culture of the field, and their organization, by their willingness to become more conscious and self-aware practitioners. It's time we started talking about it.

LI believes that:

  • the creation of healthy relationships,
  • the ability to engage one another in meaningful dialogue,
  • the encouragement of life-long learning,
  • the desire to interact authentically,
  • the strength to be open in heart, mind and spirit, and
  • the courage to welcome change

are vital to postive contributions to the lives of those with whom our paths cross.

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About the founder, Amy SeiberlichAmy Seiberlich

Amy is a life-long student of communication, intra and interpersonal dynamics, spirituality and the interplay between them.  Her work demonstrates a creative way of combining her formal education in communication, interpreting and leadership, psychotherapy and spirituality, and her real world experience as a spiritual being having a human experience.  Amy believes that a large percentage of the work that we do as interpreters revolves around managing our own thoughts and energy so that we can become clearer vessels for facilitated communication. 

Live and virtual presentations, individual consulting and specialized group work put Amy's philosophy into action as she works to improve the intra and interpersonal dynamics in our community. 

Amy also shares her passion for leadership by coordinating and facilitating “Leadership and Visioning Retreats” for officers and members of RID state affiliate chapters, regional leadership teams and Deafness related groups.  She has presented on a variety of leadership topics locally, nationally and internationally and wrote her Master’s Thesis on local and state affiliate leadership in RID. Amy is the 2006 recipient of the “Spirit of Region IV Award” for her leadership training efforts within the Region. She is also the recipient of the 2006 Colorado RID Most Valuable President (MVP) Award and the 2007 Mary Lee Ragland Award for the Outstanding Colorado RID Member of the Year. She is a former RID Board Member (Region IV Representative Aug 2008 - Dec 2009) and a former State Affiliate President (Colorado RID 2002-2006).

In addition to her work with LI and the RID organization, Amy has developed coursework for the University of Northern Colorado's DO IT Center and Regis University, and is currently teaching courses she developed in leadership, supervision and interpreting. She is also pleased to be the Lead Instructor in the Sign Language Interpreting Program at Lakeland College in Alberta, and interpreting in various post-secondary settings.

Amy has earned a Certificate as an Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Facilitator and utilizes AI in her consultation and retreat work. She is currently completing a second Master's degree in Psychotherapy and Spirituality from St. Stephen's College in Edmonton, Alberta. Amy has also incorporated energy modalities into her work and is excited to help bring a more holistic approach to the field! 

Amy holds a Master's degree in Communication from the University of Denver, a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from Marquette University and an Associate's degree in Sign Language Interpreting from Front Range Community College.  She resides in Alberta, Canada with her two dogs, and is enjoying all that Canadian culture has to offer!

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